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  • 4/29/07 - The books are printed and are set to ship on Monday to me, via UPS ground, from the printer's. This means you have about a week to pre-order, even though we've over 80. I'm not going to change the buttons until I actually start shipping, which should be a week from tomorrow, depending on when the books actually arrive.
  • 4/29/07 - It's finally happened! We now have 80 pre-orders! Actually, we have 83. 83! That means the company is in the black and I can start giving to charity. I have to admit that the AARDA thing is a win-win situation, because like Jane Austen, I also have an auto-immune disorder, so donating to a group that researches cures is not a bad thing for me.
  • 4/17/07 - The new book size is now a more traditional 5x8 instead of 5.5x8.5, which is a bit oversized for a paperback. This also makes the books lighter, meaning I won't have to raise shipping prices.
  • 4/17/07 - Airmail International rates, which are much faster than parcel post but not much more expensive, are now available on the preorder page. Anyone who ordered parcel post before this date has been upgraded to airmail free of charge, mainly because it would be too complicated for me to deal with people cancelling and reordering, as airmail is so much faster and worth that extra dollar or two.
  • 3/27/07 - So I think we're looking at an April publication date. We don't have 80 pre-orders, but I'll do a smaller order and make up for the loss in sales on Amazon. I'm in negotiations with a new company which is willing to do a smaller-sized book and possibly offer it P.O.D. down the road if I move out of the country or something and can't handle shipping myself anymore. Passover's coming up, which is a huge deal on my end, so I'll try to get the order in by then (the order will take 2-4 weeks)
  • 2/27/07 8pm Forums are now up. No content yet, but I'm working on it.
  • 2/22/07 2am

PRE-ORDERING IS NOW AVAILABLE! 2 copies down, 78 to go before we can do the run. So go and pre-order!

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