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DOROTHY ALICE BONAVIA-HUNT (dates unknown) is the author of Pemberley Shades. It had two initial printings, both in 1949, and when it was published it was under the name D.A. Bonavia-Hunt, presumably for the same reason that many women authors disguise their gender with initials or a pseudonym. It was reprinted in 1977 by a small British company.

Whether she wrote anything else under any other name is unknown, but it is obvious from the text that she was an accomplished writer. Not only was she dedicated to Austenís Pride and Prejudice enough to write the first sequel and get it published, but she also has come the closest to imitating Austenís prose style, even though she lived over a century later, when writing styles had changed drastically. Her knowledge of the Georgian time period was also extensive, as many small historical details appear in the text that would have required some background in history for her to have known.


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